Welcome to the Schlesser Beach House

October 18, 2008



It is with regret that we need to inform you that the Schlesser Family beach house has been sold, so it is no longer available to rent.

The ocean is at your back and you’ve just come up from the edge of the Pacific Ocean. Your face is kissed by the wind and you have never smelled air so sweet in your life! “Is this what breathing is really like?” you wonder as your lungs seem to expand fully for the first time. You are sandy and the grasses brush at your ankles as you begin your trek back through the field to your home away from home. It is there, just up the path. A beautiful, historic beach house waiting to shelter you from the beach storms or too much sun. Charming, gracious, not too big, not too little. Not too fancy, with just the right amount of beachiness to enchant you for the duration of your stay. Best of all, you can sit on the porch or deck and take in the unobstructed views of the ocean all day and night. Welcome!

the orange glow of sunset at the beach

view into the living and dining rooms

upstairs bedroom with a view of the ocean


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