The Schlesser Beach House is located in peaceful and picturesque Gearhart, Oregon which is a small coastal town on the edge of the vast Pacific Ocean about five minutes away from Seaside, Oregon and 15 minutes away from Astoria, Oregon. Gearhart is approximately 90 minutes by car from Portland, Oregon, the closest major metro area. Portland has an international airport, train and bus stations. Portland is about 2 hours south of Seattle on the West Coast of the United States.

Gearhart has a grocery store, some restaurants and shops, a golf course, schools and a fire station. Seaside is slightly larger and has more tourist attractions like the promenade, hotels, shops, larger grocery stores, some outlet stores, a golf course, restaurants, schools and a movie theater. Seaside and Astoria both have hospitals in case of emergency. Astoria is more of a sea port and has recently become a stop for cruise ships. It has many historic homes, a maritime museum, piers where sea lions hang out, and the Astor Column. About 15 minutes south of Seaside is Cannon Beach which has a burgeoning artist scene. You will find lots of shops, restaurants and local artists there. You can even watch the glass blower making sculptures!

* maps from google maps


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